Well-Paying Careers In Business With Different Education Requirements

In the current depressed economic climate, job hunters may be forgiven for believing their prospects are exceedingly bleak, all things considered. Nevertheless, the facts are that career opportunities are always there for the taking, although applicants may require specialized educational qualifications to make them eligible for certain posts.

One occupation that is always in demand, whether the economy is booming or depressed, is that of bookkeeper. Despite the fact that the economy shrinks massively in a depression, bookkeeping is still needed in order to keep tabs on those all-important balance sheets. To be fair, it matters very little to a bookkeeper whether a firm is struggling for survival, since profit and loss are all part of a day’s work! However, bookkeepers do need the appropriate qualifications, namely either a bookkeeping or accounting college degree. Find out what a full charge bookkeeper’s salary is.

A business administration career is another great example of a job that is always needed, whatever the state of the economy. However, it should be noted that there is quite a significant amount of volatility at the current time. In other words, with companies failing right, left, and center, job seekers pursuing a career in business administration may find themselves jumping from one sinking ship to another. Nevertheless, there are always opportunities available for business administrators with a college education under their belt. Ideally, you should have a degree in business administration or business studies in order to get in the frame for consideration to receive the average salary for a business admin career.

If you fancy a fairly dependable job, you might wish to consider pursuing a career as an insurance agent. In its favor, this is a position that often requires no specialized qualifications. Mature applicants will often be considered, and the necessary training may be given “on the job”. The requirements are more likely to center on a smart appearance and a good manner in speaking and dealing with people. This is because an insurance agent is effectively a salesperson, which requires a positive attitude and a charming, persuasive manner. These are qualities that always trump paper qualifications when it comes to appointing insurance agents. On the flipside, job seekers should bear in mind that the field is quite competitive, and in the current climate the public may be resistant to spending money on insurance, which may restrict your earnings potential. For further details, please visit www.InsuranceAgentSalaryData.com.

Applicants who want a high-flying, high-paying career may gravitate toward investment banking and stock broking. These are pressurized, demanding occupations that favor individuals with a go-getting attitude and plenty of zeal. Anyone who fancies a quiet life behind a desk avoiding stress and pressure should steer well clear of this field as it is not a good fit for shrinking violets. In common with several of the other occupations here, employers may be flexible concerning academic qualifications. The average stock broker income is approximately $72,000. A college degree, especially one in economics or other finance-related subjects, never goes amiss, but employers are always on the lookout for individuals with a dynamic attitude and sharp wits. These qualities, as displayed at interview, are likely to be more significant than academic attainments alone.

Persons seeking a somewhat quieter life may prefer the position of financial advisor. This is a job requiring a mature attitude and a good personal manner. The idea is to sell financial services to the public, but this is not normally done using a “hard sell” approach. The financial adviser salary is primarily based off of commission, meaning that the more they sell, the more money they make. That means applicants must have a friendly, non-threatening manner, along with the necessary understanding of the products and services being sold. A degree comes in handy, no doubt, but employers may make an exception for the right candidates and then provide the necessary training later.

In a similar vein, retirement planning is a good bet for those who have a talent for sales. Here, the job is all about selling pensions and retirement plans to members of the public. People doing this job must have a strong grasp of the facts and figures concerning the policies they sell, but they must also have the right attitude and manner in order to put clients at their ease and to close the sale. Once again, applicants for retirement planning sales posts will find a degree immensely helpful, especially if it is finance-related. However, the academic qualification will not get you the job on its own.

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