Want To Be A Doctor But Can’t? – Great Jobs In Health

Growing up many kids dream of the job that they may do when they get older, and becoming a doctor is one of them; unfortunately for some this dream may not come true, for a variety of different reasons. However that does not mean that they cannot seek employment in other areas of the medical profession, here we are going to look at five areas that people may consider as possible jobs.

Dental Hygienist
A dental hygienist works alongside a normal dentist to provide help assistance to people about oral health. They are also able to assist the dentist when it comes to taking radio-graphs of the patients mouth, prepare dental sealants, help in the administration of fluoride and also with local anaesthesia. However their main purpose with the dentists is to provide the advice on oral health, this includes how to go about it; establishing better behaviors in routine dental care and also to help with therapeutic services if the person suffers from gum disease and tooth decay. Here is a more complete dental hygienist job description.

Physical Therapist
Usually used in conjunction with other medical services, the role of the physical therapist is to provide care and advice to those who have mobility problems or disabilities. They can also work with carers and family members of the person they treat to advise them on things they may be able to do at home in-between seeing them. A therapist can work with all age groups, even those that may have just been born, and also treat many different health conditions. Different countries and even states in the USA have varying standards and qualifications that must be met prior to providing this kind of service. Learn more about PT education requirements.

Massage Therapist
This form of therapy can again be used for those who have some mobility problems, or issues that affect the muscles and tissues of the body. Typically used for those that suffer with shoulder and back problems, the massage can help to release tension, to better movement and also to help with the healing process of damages tissues or tendons. There are many different forms of massage as well as different sectors that the person can train in, for example sports injuries or spinal injuries. Find out what a certified massage therapist salary is on average.

Licensed Vocational Nurse
This term is used mainly in the USA and in some areas of Canada; in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Canada they are known as Ens or enrolled nurses; whilst in the UK they are known as State Enrolled Nurses or SENs. In any case they all provide the care that people need when they are sick and are in hospital. The care they give can vary depending on the ward or area they decide to go into, for example they may choose child nursing or the elderly. They will ensure that all medical checks are carried out when needed, administer medications and provide basic bedside care. An average LVN salary is approximately $42,000 per year.

Medical Records Technician
Here the person will be managing and organising all patient information, and health documents. Typically working within hospitals or doctors surgeries they ensure that all information is kept up to date, is available to other medical professionals when needed whilst ensuring all security measures are undertaken. Also known as a health information technologist, a medical records technician must complete the HIT certification requirements before they can become a professional in the field.

These five examples are good alternatives if you are not able to become a doctor, each of them still incorporates the need to provide others with good care, no matter if it is in the physical form or for just taking care of the relevant paperwork. When it comes to thinking about seeking a job in any of these professions, make sure you research the requirements of your training, as this can vary from state to state, including any accreditation you may have to get before you can undertake a full time job.

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