The Best Card Tricks For Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to show tricks on maps, this material will be extremely useful. There is a great variety of beautiful and colorful card tricks that can bewitch and completely enslave the public attention. However, novice wizards better first learn more simple, but also entertaining and spectacular tricks.

Magic leaf

You’re gonna need to do this trick:

  • cards;
  • a table;
  • a piece of paper;
  • writing pen;
  • spectators.

The essence of the trick: you shuffle the deck any way you want. Then you write on a sheet of paper the name of the two pictures but do not show it to the audience. Insert the sheet in the middle of the deck. Flip through it to the middle of the deck, turn it over and show it to the audience, they see what’s written. Then you insert the leaf back, spread the deck with a ribbon and open one image on each side of the leaf in the middle. These are exactly the cards that you wrote.

Focus mechanism: When shuffling, look at the top and bottom cards in the deck. These are the cards you write on paper. Then, insert the sheet in the middle and start scrolling through the tutu before you reach it. When you reach, grab the cards in your hand and flip them over. So the viewer will see what is written on paper, and you put the sheet on top of the deck (the top picture you already know).

Then we put the other half of the pack on a sheet and it turns out that it is squeezed between the two cards we know. Now with a beautiful ribbon, we stretch the deck with the sheet in the middle and turn the images next to it. Everyone is surprised and applauded, and you congratulate yourself mentally with success.

Upside down map

The trick belongs to the category of card tricks for beginners, so it does not require complex training.

The essence: the viewer chooses any picture from the deck, memorizes it and puts it back in any place. The magician begins to search cards from a deck one by one and the picture was chosen by the spectator turns out to be turned upside down by the drawing on a background of other cards lying up shirts.

Mechanism: Before letting the viewer choose the picture, you need to flip the bottom piece of the pack imperceptibly. You can do this in advance. While the person is making his choice, you flip the deck over and give him to insert his card. After that, you turn the deck over again and start scrolling. The viewer’s choice is turned upside down. The trick is very simple and does not require too complex manipulation.

I know what your card is.

Another cool trick that can cause the public to have a barrage of emotions. And at the same time, it’s completely uncomplicated to perform.

The essence: the audience chooses 2 any cards of their deck and then you put it inside the tutu. You offer the audience to mix the deck as many times as they want. Then you take the tutu in your hands and say, “I know what your cards are” and the exact hit. The audience is shocked, you are in a ray of glory.

You’ll learn three other good tricks you can use to start a magical career.

This is important! Remember that any trick requires training in advance. Never perform a badly worked trick, as you can’t restore your reputation as a good wizard!